Frequently Asked Question

What days and time are you open?

7 days a week, 9:00AM – 4:00 PM

Is a reservation required?

Reservations are highly encouraged to avoid waiting time and delays in your airboat tour. For group events and private tours, reservations are required.

How many days in advance should we book a group/private tour?

You may book your private group tour at least 3 days before your tour date.

How long are the airboat rides?

Swamp Fever airboat tours are a full 60 minutes on the water! This does not include the loading time or docking time.

Is the parking free?


What is the minimum age requirement for guests?

We do not have an age minimum requirement. Our tour is loved by all ages.

Can we bring our furry friends?

You may bring your pets and play with them within the picnic grounds, but you may not bring them aboard the airboat.

What essentials do I need to bring?

Sun block

What’s the ideal attire when going on an airboat tour?

Wear something comfortable – t-shirt, pants/shorts, rubber shoes/sandals. Remember you might get a little wet during the tour, so bring extra clothes.

Are the gators in Swamp Fever real?

Yes! They are 100% real.

Will tours still push through when it’s raining?

Yes, our tours still push through despite the rainy weather. Sometimes it’s more fun and memorable to ride an airboat while it’s raining!

Can I bring my baby on board for an airboat tour?

Yes! Our airboats are very safe for babies.

Is the airboat ride dangerous?

Our captains are highly trained navigators and have been operating these rides for years! Our airboats are checked daily to ensure they’re all working perfectly. We promise to give you a safe, super fun and exciting day for the whole family!

Can we touch the gators at the swamp?

Our captains allow guests to touch the alligators during the tour. But make sure you wait for the captain’s instructions before doing anything on your own. Always listen to your captain.