Have a Funtastic Edutainment Time At Swamp Fever!

After weeks of studying, It’s time for your students to put real faces to the reptiles they thought only existed in textbooks. Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures makes learning come to life. Enjoy exploring Florida’s waterways and swamp wildlife in a fun and interesting way.

With our alligator airboat rides, students will get to see wildlife in their native habitat. Experience alligators, birds, snakes, and turtles on our airboat swamp tours. Our captains also teach unique and interesting facts about each species. Classes will also get to witness and experience feeding fish in the swamp.

Do you or your students have questions that only experts can answer? We’ll be happy to share our knowledge and experience! The adventure we can provide will make students enjoy learning and also bring home a memorable trip with their friends and teachers.

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    universal classroom

    We offer an educational experience that extends classroom learning. With nature as your universal classroom, your students can experience the most educational enrichment program only found in Florida’s marshes and wetlands.

    the staff section

    The ecosystem at Swamp Fever is our most effective tool for teaching. Coupled with our knowledgeable captain and staff, you’ll find your wildlife questions answered and your curiosity satisfied.


    Videos and textbooks will never match the rich experience a student can get gliding in swamp tours and meeting wildlife animals. WIth our complete and customized program, the entire class will go home with their minds, bodies, and souls fulfilled.

    A Fun And Educational Tour For The Class