Get To Know The Florida Alligator!


Before going on our alligator tour, let’s get to know a few fun facts about our beloved Florida alligators. Hop on our airboat and join the best alligator tours in Florida! Get a chance to get up close and personal with a Florida alligator!

We know there are some gator parks in Florida, but nothing compares to what we have in store for ya! Swamp gators are best seen when in their natural habitat, not on alligator shows! This is real life, people – as in alligators in a swamp! Isn’t that exciting?!

Facts About Alligators


People often confuse alligators with crocodiles. We can’t blame them! They really are very closely related. Alligators are large reptiles and members of the order Crocodylia.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), An alligator is distinguished by its wide, rounded snout and black color. When an alligator rests with its jaws closed, only its upper teeth are visible. Crocodiles, on the other hand, have narrow, pointed snouts, a grey-green color and both upper and lower teeth visible when the animal’s mouth is closed.

Here are more gator facts. Remember these, so we can try to spot them when we do our alligator tours!


Do you know how many teeth Alligators have? 74 to 80 teeth in their jaws at any given time. And whenever a tooth falls, they are replaced with new ones every time. An alligator can grow as much as 2,000 teeth in its lifetime.

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As long as Florida alligators are living, the continuously grow. Yup! They don’t stop growing. American alligators can grow up to 10 feet long. Very old ones get quite big, around 15 feet long, weighing more or less, 1,000 lbs.


You will notice that alligators have 2 kinds of walks- high walk and low walk.The low walk is when they’re crawling with their bellies touching the ground, while the high walk is when the alligator lifts its belly off the ground.

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While alligators are carnivorous, it was recently discovered that they also love fruits! Don’t miss the chance to see alligators up close and personal on our alligator tours!

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Florida Alligators are very helpful to their ecosystem. They create small ponds called alligator holes. These ponds retain water during the dry season, and serve as habitats for other animals.


Alligator moms build nests made of leaves, sticks, and mud near a body of water. This keeps the eggs warm for 65 days until they hatch. The babies are protected by the moms until they’re a year old.

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Here’s more gator facts! The alligator’s sex is determined by temperatures. If the eggs are exposed to temperatures around 86 degrees fahrenheit become females. While those above 93 degrees fahrenheit, become males. Temperatures in between those produce either.


Though they don’t have vocal chords, alligators are the most vocal reptiles. They make sounds by sucking air into their lungs and blowing it out in roars. Alligators can growl, hiss, or chumpf. These different calls signal distress, scare other animals, announce their territory, and find mates.

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When an alligator finds a mate, the courtship is a fun thing to see! It usually happens at the start of spring. Males bellow to get the attention of female gators. These sounds cause the surface of the water to ripple. Males also tend to slap their heads on the water surface and blow bubbles for the females.

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