Best Airboat Tours in Florida | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

Most Popular and Best Airboat Tours in Florida

When people plan their vacation, they always aim to make it the “best vacation ever.” They want it to be full of fun, and new things that they haven’t experienced before. There are also some that revisit places they fell in love with in the past. One won’t be able to see all the wonders of Florida in one trip.…

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How Fast Do Airboats Go | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

Fun Facts About Airboats: How Fast Do Airboats Go?

Airboat rides are one of the most popular ways to experience wildlife and nature in Florida. Traveling the swamplands of Florida may sound like an adventure. After all, you can come face-to-face with the creatures in the wild like an American Alligator. Before you ride an airboat, it is best that you go over the basics of airboat tours. You…

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How to Keep Safe during Airboat Rides | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

How to Keep Safe during Airboat Rides Florida

You can find everything you need to rest and recharge your batteries in Florida. The Sunshine State has sunny skies and white sand. It has azure waters and a host of restaurants offering the most delicious food. You’ll also enjoy exploring its subtropical wilderness. Most visitors to Florida’s head to its many theme parks to enjoy the rides. But if…

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