Florida Swamp Trees | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

Florida Swamp Trees, What You Need To Know

Get more information about the most famous Florida Swamp Trees. Aside from Florida’s beautiful beaches, the state is also known for having the most number of wetlands in the United States – 1,104 in total. Because of Florida’s flat landscape, high water table and strong rainfall, wetlands dominate the state, with around 11 million acres of wetlands occupying it. If…

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Animals That Live In Swamps | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

Learn More About the Animals That Live In Swamps

Are you interested to learn about the animals that live in swamps? If you are about to join a swamp tour, we bet you will enjoy reading this article. We recommend having some knowledge about swamp animals so you can appreciate your upcoming adventure. What Are Swamps? Swamps are amazing ecosystems where water dominates most of the land. They are…

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Swamps in Florida | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

What To Know About the Swamps in Florida

Before you go on an airboat adventure in Florida, it’s also good to understand a couple of things about our swamps in Florida. That way, you get to appreciate your tour further. What Is a Swamp? Let’s first define what a swamp is. A swamp is an area of land that is permanently filled with water. Take note, though, that…

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Swamp Tours in Florida | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

Choose the Most Exciting Swamp Tours in Florida

When traveling to Florida, it’s more than the beaches and parties that you should look forward to. The state has so much to offer and it’s not surprising that many people come back every time they have a chance. Now, if you wish to experience something unique, adventurous, and one for the books, join a swamp tour in Florida. How…

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What is a Swamp | Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

What is a Swamp and Why is it Important?

Many people look at the Florida swamps as a strange and eerie place. This could be due to all of the trees that are submerged hanging with moss but still thriving. Some even consider them to be a dead or useless land. Others believe swamps are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests. People often avoid going to swamplands. But…

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