How Fast Do Alligators Swim?

Let’s now find out how fast do alligators swim?

According to experts, alligators can swim at a top speed of 20 miles per hour. When on land, they could reach 35 miles per hour but are known to get tired easily. Let’s just say that they have more power in the water.

Speaking of water, you are unlikely to see alligators in the ocean. They live in freshwaters such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Alligators have short limbs which they can bend while swimming. These allow them to move easily and swiftly while in water. However, they could also be motionless and use that ability when waiting for food.

If that’s not enough to impress you, alligators can also climb! Some of you might have seen videos of alligators climbing up staircases, ladders, fences, and even trees. These are not movie magic and are very much accurate.

Can Humans Beat Alligators in Swimming?

No. The fastest recorded speed of humans while swimming is around 143 meters per minute. An alligator can do the same distance at 536 meters per minute. The answer is quite obvious: who will win a swim race, so don’t attempt it.

If you are in water and an alligator seems to attack you, create as much confusion as possible. For example, you can scream or splash water to buy some time. Try to poke your fingers directly into its eyes. Just so you know, this is the alligator’s most sensitive part of the body, and take that to your advantage.

As a last resort, you can always play dead. Alligators usually release their dead prey first. It should be an opportunity for you to getaway. This isn’t the brightest idea but you must do everything to avoid death roll.

When we speak about the death roll, the alligator rolls over and over until the prey is lifeless.

What Do You Do When You See an Alligator Nearby?

When you are in the wild and without experts, exercise extreme caution. While it isn’t natural for alligators to attack humans, the case is different when they see you as a threat. Walk back slowly and never taunt them in any way.

If you are riding a boat, you shouldn’t be afraid of alligators. They do not overturn the boats to catch their prey. It often happens when people disturb alligators in shallow water. In addition, they don’t get humans out of their boats.

How Do You Know When an Alligator Is Agitated?

There are signs to know that an alligator is agitated. Make sure that you are aware of this as it could save lives.

  • They are puffing up and down
  • They are swimming towards you
  • They are sinking and reappearing when they get closer to you
  • They are snapping and clapping the jaws

Why Should You Not Feed Alligators?

According to experts, alligators that have attacked humans have been fed by humans. When on tour, do not attempt to do this because it encourages alligators to get closer to humans.

Why Do Alligators Do Not Often Eat Humans?

While it is true that there are unfortunate instances wherein alligators attacked humans, this is not what nature intends to happen. In reality, the creatures would rather have easy meals. Alligators are patient hunters and will stalk their prey for hours. Likewise, they don’t enjoy attacking anything that they couldn’t swallow right away.

When you see alligators opening their jaws and growling, it’s not a maneuver to attack. Instead, this is defensive posturing.

This is good news for human adults, but don’t test your limits if you are not an alligator expert.

Why Are Alligators Might Not Be the Best Pet?

For some people, it might be enticing to have small alligators as their pets. These are usually smaller than three feet. However, remember that even tiny alligators have razor-sharp teeth. It might not be fatal when you get bitten but you definitely need to seek medical attention right away.

Why Are Swamp Boat Tours a Great Idea?

With all the facts we’ve presented, you might be scared to join a swamp boat tour. But don’t worry, swamp tour operators are highly equipped to take guests on a safe adventure. The tour guides understand the risks and know what to do in worst-case scenarios.

It’s time to get yourself educated and experience being up close with alligators. It could be intimidating at first, but it’s an enjoyable experience. As you must know, American alligators almost faced extinction and were placed on the endangered species list in 1967. The protection worked and fast forward 20 years, alligators were removed from the list.

Today, there are over a million alligators and it makes it more interesting to know more about them.

More Alligator Facts

Below are other facts about alligators that you might find amazing, too.

Alligators Are Clumsy on Land

These awesome creatures are known to be clumsy or a bit uncoordinated on land. Often, they would have their bodies dragged on the ground. But that doesn’t mean they can’t sprint. The mud on land helps them to become faster as well.

Alligators Are Cunning

Another interesting fact about alligators is that they are creative. When they hunt, they gather sticks on their snouts to lure their prey. From here, they would just wait for birds to go to their trap, and we all know what will happen next.

Alligators Have Great Maternal Instincts

Alligators are great mothers and they are protective of their young ones. They build comfortable nests for the eggs and never stay far from the little ones. When the eggs are about to hatch, the alligator will carry each to the water using her jaws. It will take about a year or two before the mother alligator will let the little ones go on their own.

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