How to Prepare for a Swamp Adventure

If you want to bring some fun to your life, why not try going on a swamp adventure? The warm sun on your skin and the beautiful view of the wilderness will surely be one for the books. Since this will be your first time on a swamp adventure, you must know what to expect before finally booking and buying the tour tickets. Let’s make sure that you will have the best time of your life. Here are the things you need to know on how to prepare for a swamp adventure.

Safety First

Are swamp adventures safe? That’s the initial question, especially from people who are not as excited as you to go on the tour. It’s understandable for them to worry or feel nervous about the what-ifs with all the wild animals they may encounter on tour.

Swamp tours are safe for all ages, with trained boat captains and tour guides to go with you. They are locals who know the ins and outs of the swamp. You don’t need to worry about crocs or gators attacking you. The boat captain and the tour guide are both skilled in spotting wildlife from afar, carefully approaching them so they won’t feel threatened to feel the need to attack or defend themselves. Boats are equipped with safety gears and life preservers in case of need. You are guaranteed to have the best view, even the best photos, without a single worry for your safety.

What to Do on a Swamp Adventure

The adventure here is more on the nature side. No hazardous or extreme activities involved, but still equally exciting. A swamp adventure is like having a date with nature and the wild. Feast your eyes on the abundance of trees and different plants around you while riding on a boat. Breathe in the fresh air around you while seeing the different wildlife as you pass them. These include birds, alligators, crocodiles, and many more.


You can choose to rent a boat to explore the swamp on your own, or book a guided tour. However, choosing a guided tour will give you the chance to focus on the adventure and be able to appreciate the wonderful sights around you. Likewise, there’s a feeling of serenity while riding on the boat with no worries. Your guide will also have ready stories and trivia! It’s a better option, especially for first-timers.

Airboat Tour Versus Pontoon Swamp Tour

Though you will see the same view, your choice of vessel to explore the swamp will add to the overall feel of your adventure.

Airboat Tour

Airboat is more for the thrill-seekers. It’s an open-top boat and doesn’t have shade to cover you from the heat. It has a loud engine, but the noise will add up to the fun in your tour. Airboat’s small size can fit up to a maximum of 9 passengers, depending on your body built. This will be the perfect vessel of choice if you are travelling with your friends and want to have a more up-and-close encounter with swamp life. The feel of the wind on your face and your hair, the slight mist while the boat is moving, and the green and blue view around you are some of the things to look forward to in an airboat tour.

Pontoon Swamp Tour

If you can’t stand the heat of the sun or want a calmer swamp adventure, a pontoon swamp tour may be for you. A pontoon is a large boat that can accommodate up to 60 tourists. It is a laid-back and a more budget-friendly option compared to an airboat swamp tour. Enjoy the view under the shade and immerse yourself in just the sound of nature. Pontoon Swamp tour is the best option if you are travelling with kids, pregnant women, or people with certain health issues.

What to Bring on a Swamp Adventure

Here’s a list of what to bring for a worry-free and adventure-filled swamp tour.

Poncho or Umbrella

If you’re on a budget, come prepared with your own ponchos or umbrellas to avoid buying one in the gift shop. It also comes in handy just in case the weather won’t cooperate.


Bring a camera, the waterproof kind. You can also use your smartphones to take pictures, just put it in a waterproof casing. Have them fully charged and ready for a lot of picture-taking. It would be nicer to reminisce on your swamp adventure with loads of pictures to look at.

Insect Repellant Spray or Lotion

Mosquitos and other bugs biting tourists have never been a big issue in swamp tours. But some people are more prone to insect or bug bites than others. If you are one of them, you may bring a deet-free insect repellant or lotion. Alligators have sensitive skin, and deet can cause irritation, which might hinder you from holding them.

Sunblock or Sunscreen

Have fun without worrying about getting sunburnt after. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and leave the sunbathing to the gators.


It won’t hurt to have some spare cash with you. Buy snacks and drinks before riding the boat. It’s also nice to tip your captain or tour guide if you enjoyed the tour and feel extra generous.

What to Wear on a Swamp Adventure

You can be all stylish in your swamp adventure for the pictures, but you better come in comfortable, weather-appropriate and quick-drying clothes, just in case you get a little wet.

The speeding boat can make you feel cold, so a light jacket will be a good idea. If you are going for a winter swamp adventure, come in pants and some thicker clothes. Wear closed shoes as well for an easier boarding to the boat. If it’s sunny, wear your favorite sunglasses to complete your swamp adventure get-up.

The Best Time for a Swamp Adventure

The best time for a swamp adventure is now. It doesn’t matter what season it is. The people, the view and the wilderness are always ready for you. But the best view will be during the early morning or early evening with a natural warm light tone compared to midday tour schedules. Book your tour at these times so you and the swamp will be both picture-perfect.

How Long is a Swamp Adventure

Most tours take up to two hours, enough for a relaxed trip but still with a lot of captured memories to keep and bring home.

Learn More About Swamps in Florida

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