Top Places Where Alligators Live

Swamps and Florida are not the words most people associate together. The Sunshine State is often associated with Universal Studios or Disney World. Visions of Spring Break also come to mind. But swamps are a crucial part of Florida. These wetlands are the sanctuary of its varied wildlife. It’s also where alligators live.

Global Gators

There’s this perception that alligators can become found in all corners of the globe. This could be due to its popularity. Millions are now fascinated by this reptile. One study revealed that the American alligator is the seventh most popular reptile. Its likeness to dinosaurs makes this reptile compelling. Their striking color and forbidding look are also reasons behind people’s interest. Would it surprise you to know that the alligator is only found in two countries? China and the United States are the only countries with an alligator presence.

The Chinese alligator’s natural habitat is the Yangtze River basin. It’s located on the central Pacific coast of this Asian powerhouse. The Yangtze has a subtropical environment. If you’re fortunate, you can find the Chinese alligator basking on the banks or submerged in the water. But the odds that you will see a Chinese alligator are getting lower by the day. This species is almost extinct due to hunting. The destruction of the alligator’s habitat is also a reason. There are reportedly only 150 Chinese gators left in the world.

You’ll have a better chance of seeing an American alligator. This gator is enjoying a resurgence, thanks to conservationists and Florida’s government. The American gator was also an endangered species. But sensible conservation laws turned the tide around. Now there are millions of gators in Florida. It’s one of the reasons the alligator is the state’s official reptile.

Where Do American Alligators Live?

The alligator makes its home in the southeastern United States. You can find these creatures in wetlands as far north as North Carolina. You can also find them all the way down to majestic Texas. The gators there are reportedly quite large. It’s not a surprise as everything is bigger here. But the population range for this reptile goes as far as southern Florida and the Gulf Coast.

When it comes to the largest population, Louisiana is the hands-down winner. Florida comes a close second. There are two million wild gators making their home in Louisiana. That’s not even counting the ones on alligator farms. Louisiana’s massive swampland is the reason for this population explosion. The warm climate also helps.

The Sunshine State holds the distinction of having the second-highest number of gators. There are around 1.3 million alligators living in its swamps and rivers. These wetlands are ideal American alligator habitats. The state with the third largest gator population is Texas. Experts say there are around 400,000 to 50,000 alligators in the state. You can find these reptiles in 120 counties in Texas.

Georgia and South Carolina are no slouches when it comes to alligators. Georgia has 200,000 to 250,000 as of the last count. South Carolina has around 100,000. Arkansas is fast catching up though. Its gator population is always around 2,000 to 3,000. But these numbers are growing due to a population boom. This could be due to the warmer temperatures this year.

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