Where are Alligators Found Around the World?

There’s some misconception that you can find alligators all over the world. The confusion could stem from people confusing gators and crocodiles. These two reptiles share certain similarities but they are two different species.

You might wonder “what is an alligator and how does it differ from a crocodile?” Alligators and crocodiles are reptiles belonging to the genus Crocodylia. But the former is part of the Alligatoridae family while the latter is of the Crocodylidae fam.

Both reptiles have strong and streamlined bodies with muscular tails. But alligators have darker colored skin than crocs. Their snouts are also wider and rounded with their nostrils facing upwards. This allows it to breathe while its body’s submerged.

Their teeth are also distinct. You can tell an alligator from a crocodile based on it. An alligator has no protruding teeth when they close their mouths. But you can see a crocodile’s fourth teeth protruding its snout even when it’s closed.

Where are Alligators Found in the World?

Did you know that alligators are endemic to two countries? These are the United States and China. American gators are only found in North America. They live in the coastal regions on the Atlantic coast. They thrive in North Carolina’s wetlands and Florida’s swamplands. There’s also a large population of gators along the Gulf coast.

American alligator habitats are quite diverse. They’re freshwater creatures so you won’t find them in the sea. America’s gators live in swamps, streams, and rivers. You can also find them in lakes and ponds.

The Chinese alligator has a much smaller habitat range. They’re only found in the lower Yangtze River basin. This is on the central Pacific coast. It’s a temperate and subtropical environment. Like their American counterparts, these reptiles also live in swamps and other wetlands.

The state of alligators in these two countries is polar opposites. There are millions of alligators in the United States. Louisiana has two million wild gators while Florida has around 1.3 million. Texas is no slouch either. There are around 400,000 to 500,000 alligators living in this state. Meanwhile, Georgia has 200,000 to 250,000 gators. South Carolina has about 100,000 of these reptiles.

It’s the polar opposite in China though. The Chinese alligator is in the endangered species list. Experts say there are around 150 of these animals left in the wild. Scientists are saying there’s some improvement in the Chinese alligator population.

Gators in Europe

Alligators might be native to only two countries but it doesn’t mean you can’t find them elsewhere. There are several zoos around the world that have alligators in their exhibit. So where do alligators live in the world? There are some alligators living in Europe. In Alligator Bay to be exact. This is a zoo located at Mont Saint Michel in Beauvoir, France. Alligator Bay specializes in reptiles. You can find 700 animals from various continents in this zoo.

Alligator Bay prides itself on having the largest population of gators in Europe. It’s home to 150 alligators and crocodiles. Visitors to the zoo love to see its albino gators and tortoise farm.

The Australia Zoo and Adelaide Zoo also have American alligators in their park. You can also find a small colony of alligators thriving in Tamaulipas in Mexico.

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