Most Popular and Best Airboat Tours in Florida

When people plan their vacation, they always aim to make it the “best vacation ever.” They want it to be full of fun, and new things that they haven’t experienced before. There are also some that revisit places they fell in love with in the past.

One won’t be able to see all the wonders of Florida in one trip. After all, the Sunshine State has more than 65,000 square miles of marshland, and beaches, among others. If you prefer nature and wildlife, you can go on the best airboat rides in Florida. Companies such as the Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures can give you the tour of your lifetime.

Most Well-known and Best Airboat Tours in Florida

Airboats are small boats with flat bottoms that cruise through shallow waters. They have giant fans that serve as a propeller. Airboats have become a crucial staple in the tourism industry in Florida. They are perfect for showing tourists all the aquatic wildlife and nature views. That’s because of their large size, open concept, and smooth ride.

When you go on an airboat tour, your guide directs the boat through parts of shallow waters. This is to get you the best views of the nature around you. You can find places that offer the best airboat rides in Florida. One of the most popular airboat destinations in Florida is Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures.  It’s even voted the best airboat rides in Florida and here’s why:

Full One Hour Thrilling Ride

Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures offers airboat tours for people of all ages. Whether you’re an adult or a child, you can enjoy the thrilling ride of a fast airboat. They have packages for family and group tours. They even have a custom program for whatever event you’ve been planning for.

Their tours last a full hour. The time doesn’t start when you leave the dock. It starts when you get out into the marshy areas of the lake. This is unlike other tour boat companies where the timer starts the moment you leave the dock.

Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures is a quick drive away from popular cities in Central Florida. During its one-hour airboat ride, you will get to see the natural beauty of Florida. Moreover, you will experience exciting glides through the swamps and marshes. You can even get a live photo op with a live alligator.

Never-ending Learning

The airboat tours offered by Swamp Fever don’t stop at only sightseeing. You will also get to learn about the dwellers of the swamps, lakes, and marshes. The captain will take you further back in nature while showing you various creatures. These include birds, alligators, turtles, snakes, and any other wildlife. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have throughout the trip. Moreover, during the ride, you’ll be able to visit an untouched area of Florida. This area is where the only allowed vessels are airboats.

Experience Wildlife Encounters

Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures provides exciting airboat rides and swamp adventures. They also create an experience that you will treasure for several years. Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures aims to make an everlasting experience. They can help you build memories with your family and friends. All the while getting to know more about the wildlife in Florida.

During the one-hour ride, you will see alligators, turtles, snakes, ducks, and rare birds. You will see more of the wildlife as you pass through the untouched territories of Florida. You can meet the mascots of the area in the form of live animals. You will even get to know their behavior as you traverse their habitat.

If you’re wondering if it’s safe in an airboat, Swamp Fever assures you its safety. After all, airboats are more often considered safe for riders, wildlife, and plant life. These vessels do not redirect natural water currents or alter surface hydrology.

Moreover, unlike regular boats, airboats don’t cause soil particles in the water to rise up. It will not affect plants, fish, and other wildlife in the water. Airboats also do not have any moving parts under the water. This makes it safer in the water for nearby fish and plants.

How To Keep Yourself Safe During Your Airboat Tour

Florida is a popular destination for nature lovers, birdwatchers, and the like. This state has beautiful animals and amazing plant species. The best way you can enjoy them is to experience the swamps or lakes. Airboat rides are the safest way you can bask in what Florida’s swamps have to offer. But you still need to take the necessary precautions for your trip. Here are some of the things you need to do to keep yourself safe during the tour:

● Wear Appropriate Clothes for The Tour

To keep yourself safe during the ride, you should wear the appropriate clothing. For the summer months, you can wear shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers or flip-flops.

For winter, you should wear jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Don’t forget to bring a jacket or windbreaker with you. That’s because the boat’s fast speed can make the airboat ride more chilling.

Make sure to stay comfortable throughout the airboat ride. Remember that mosquitoes and bugs are common in the swamps. Wearing light-colored clothing will make you less attractive to them. You should also avoid wearing cologne or perfume since it could attract bugs. It can also repel some wildlife.

● Wear Sunscreen

Florida has more sunny days than other places. The UV rays can harm your skin, so don’t forget to put on sunscreen before getting on an airboat. You should also wear sunglasses to make it easier to see things.

 ● Cover Your Ears

Airboat rides can be noisy, to the point that most people find them annoying. Make sure to protect your ears by using ear protection or earplugs.

● Stay Hydrated

If you visit Florida on sunny days, the weather will be hotter than usual. Always have a huge bottle of water with you. This way, you can keep yourself hydrated and you won’t experience heat exhaustion.

Enjoy Your Airboat Tour in Florida

Florida has everything you desire for your great adventure. Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures can make your trip even more memorable and enjoyable. We are one of the best airboat tour companies in Florida. We can show you the wonderful, natural environment of the Sunshine State. Our tours last one hour and our captains will make sure you have a safe and great time. You can call us at (352) 643-0708 for inquiries. You can also send us an email at ronandpam@swampfeverairboatadventures.com.