What To Know About the Swamps in Florida

Before you go on an airboat adventure in Florida, it’s also good to understand a couple of things about our swamps in Florida. That way, you get to appreciate your tour further.

What Is a Swamp?

Let’s first define what a swamp is.

A swamp is an area of land that is permanently filled with water. Take note, though, that there are two kinds of swamps—freshwater and saltwater.

Saltwater swamps are found near the coastal areas, while freshwater swamps are found inland. Swamps are found all over the globe except in Antarctica. And as you might have guessed, Florida has a ton of these.

What Are the Most Notable Swamps In Florida?

Below are the most famous swamps in the state.

Green Swamp in Polk County

This is a great place to visit for families, friends and even school groups. You would be amazed because Green Swamp in Polk County has few man-made modifications. It is considered the state’s second-largest wetlands system next to the Everglades.

The Everglades

If you want to visit America’s largest subtropical wilderness, better include Everglades National Park in your itinerary. This area provides habitat to several species, including the manatee, Florida panther and the American crocodile.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Florida Swamps?

Check out a few surprising facts about the swamps found in Florida.

Home of Various Endangered Species

The swamps in Florida are the home of several endangered species, including the American Alligator and various birds. It’s well-protected to ensure that these creatures will continue to live and amaze future generations.

Source of Water for Millions

While it is true that it supports different wildlife, the swamps are also beneficial to humans. They provide water to millions of people living in Florida.

They Are Shallow and Freshwater

You will be surprised that the swamps in Florida are shallow. Often, it’s just around four or five feet deep. The deepest part is known to be only nine feet.

Another interesting fact is that the swamps are all freshwater. Having said that, it’s the perfect environment for many fish, birds and other creatures. Remember, most animals are safer in swamps than larger bodies of water.

What Are the Types of Florida Swamps?

Let’s now discuss the different types of swamps that can be found in Florida.

Cypress Dome

This is known as the most common swamp habitat in Florida. It is called cypress domes because of the dome-shaped treetops. The smaller trees grow on the edge and the taller trees grow at the center of the deeper water. In most cases, it will look circular. However, when the center is deep, you will notice a “doughnut” shape on an aerial view.

Mangrove Swamp

Mangroves are important as they protect the coastline. In addition, they also provide habitats for some marine creatures. What’s also fascinating about mangroves is that they are natural storm barriers and can also help our planet with climate change.

Strand Swamp

Strand swamp is more linear than cypress domes and forms a natural drainage channel along the flatlands. Several creatures are native to this type of swamp, including turkeys, turtles and even the rare Florida panther.

Floodplain Swamp

This type of swamp is found in areas where floods often occur or easily filled with water after strong rains. They have a lot of similarities with strand swamps and are the home of many low land animals.

What Is a Swamp Tour?

Swamps form a big part of Florida and it’s not surprising that many locals and tourists want to learn more about this. When you go on a swamp tour, you will ride an airboat instead of a traditional boat. These are originally used for shallow waters so that it’s easy to hunt and fish.

The good thing about swamp tours today is that you get to experience many adventures. It’s more than just seeing American alligators. You also witness various landscapes and learn how to protect the swamps in your own little ways.

We recommend taking a swamp tour especially if you are always at work or in front of your computer. Spending time with nature is both relaxing and liberating, and the adventure itself can also give you a fresh perspective.

Are You Looking for a Unique Swamp Adventure?

Sometimes, it’s good to take a different kind of adventure. While most travelers in Florida will choose the swamp tours in the Everglades, we encourage you to take a different route. Our swamp adventure is located right outside of Orlando, Florida.

We take our travelers around Lake Panasoffkee which is an amazing place to see the wildlife. Here, you can find a massive floodplain forest, freshwater marshes and oak scrub forest. It’s smaller than the Everglades but definitely worth a visit.

How Do You Prepare for a Swamp Tour?

If it is your first time going on a swamp tour, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Wear Your Most Comfortable Clothes

First of all, you need to wear your most comfortable outfit. Better check the weather and have the appropriate wardrobe. Ideally, you should bring a rain jacket. And as for your footwear, your best options are sandals or athletic shoes.

Extra Cash

It’s a good idea to bring extra cash when on a swamp tour. Usually, there are snacks and drinks. In addition, you can also tip the captain and staff, especially if you love their services.

Sun Protection

We know it’s fun to be under the sun, but you still have to protect your skin and eyes. Go pack your sunscreen and sunglasses to enjoy the adventure.


Lastly, be sure to bring your camera or smartphone with you. You must take tons of photos to immortalize the fun memories.

Learn More About the Swamps in Florida, Join Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures

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